How To Dress for a Job Interview (With Examples)

When preparing for an interview, think of selecting your interview attire as the icing on the cake — that final detail that pulls all your efforts together. When you choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident you’ll have a better chance of making a great impression. In this article, we discuss how to dress for a job interview and we offer specific tips as a guide.

How to choose an interview outfit

The right interview outfit can help you feel confident and professional. Here are some specific tips on how to dress for your next job interview:

  1. Start by researching the company’s dress code.
  2. Choose clothing that matches the climate and season.
  3. Check for wrinkles, pet hair or any noticeable defects.
  4. Ensure clothing is pressed and wrinkle-free.
  5. The night before the interview lay out or hang up your outfit to save time.
  6. Use your best judgment and don’t overthink it.

How to match your outfit to the workplace

Because you’ve already researched the company, you should have a sense of the workplace and what level of formality is appropriate. Look at photos on their social media sites to get a sense of what people wear at the office.

Casual workplace

For more casual workplaces, professional-looking casual job interview attire is appropriate. The following is a suggested guide to a casual workplace interview outfit:

  • Dark jeans or pants
  • A blouse, button-down shirt or polo, either with patterns or bold colors
  • A knee-length skirt
  • A knee-length dress
  • A cardigan
  • Flats or heels, closed-toe shoes that are neat and clean
  • Jewelry that complements the outfit

Business casual workplace

For a business casual environment, you’ll need to dress up a bit more. The following is a suggested guide to a business casual workplace interview outfit:

  • Black or navy dress pants
  • Black or navy dress knee-length dress or pencil skirt
  • Button-down shirt or blouse
  • Cardigan or jacket (blazer is optional)
  • Flats, heels, oxfords or loafers
  • Belts and ties are optional
  • Jewelry that complements the outfit but isn’t too bold

Business formal workplace

For a formal workplace, you’ll need to dress up even more. The following is a suggested guide for a formal workplace interview outfit:

  • A dark-colored suit
  • A tailored dress with a matching jacket
  • A knee-length skirt with a matching jacket
  • Suit pants, button-down shirt or blouse and jacket
  • A tie
  • Closed-toed shoes, flats or heels, oxfords
  • Classic jewelry that complements the outfit but isn’t bold

What not to wear to a job interview:

1. Any item of clothing with a stain, snag or holes.
2. Any item of clothing that doesn’t fit properly.
3. Any item of clothing that makes you feel self-conscious or needs to be readjusted as you move.
4. Any item of clothing that’s uncomfortable.
5. Any item of clothing or accessories that will be distracting or draw too much attention. (Creative industries have more flexibility with this suggestion, as long as nothing you wear will distract from what you have to say.)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated September 20, 2022 | Published June 8, 2017

By Christina Moreschi
Christina Moreschi Director of Career Events and Outreach