Full time active duty Air & Space Force positions for intelligence, cyber, linguists, civil engineers, aircraft mechanics, avionics & special warfare. Get paid while you learn necessary skills to be successful at your job, gain life experience and on-the-job training that employers desperately search for. Most career paths provide skills for easy transferability to the civilian workforce. If you have enough college credits already, you can earn rank E3 with a pay increase right out of basic training with a pay increase with each new rank! Housing and food is all paid for along with all job requirements and certificates. Up to 100% tuition paid to further your education in the degree path of your choice. All that’s required to join is be a High School graduate or have a GED, minimum ASVAB score of 31, drivers license and social security number (or valid green card). No strikes or layoffs during your 4 or 6 year commitment. 

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