2023 JoAnne Day Student of the Year Awards- $250 Prizes Available!

PennACE recognizes the achievements made by undergraduate students enrolled at member institutions (including PennWest) who have completed an internship or co-op with the JoAnne Day Student of the Year Awards.

  • Undergraduate students can apply for an award if they started and completed an internship during the time period of August 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023 while enrolled in an undergraduate program at PennWest.
  • Internships may include internships, co-ops, student teaching, clinicals or other academic experiential learning. 
  • The internship/co-op/clinical/experience could have been for credit, non-credit; paid or unpaid.

Undergraduate students can apply for awards in one of the following categories based on the nature of their experience:

  • STEM Award: engineering, computer science/information technology, sciences or research.
  • Liberal Arts Award:  educational services, social science/service, humanities or human services, government, communication, arts, or entertainment.
  • Business Award:  business, marketing, management, accounting, business development or strategy, supply chain/logistics, or finance.
  • Associate Degree Award: Students in an Associate’s Program who have completed an experience related to any category (STEM, Liberal Arts, or Business)

Application deadline is October 13, 2023 

Application Packets must Include:

  • Application form with student essay (750 words or less), resume and professional photo
  • Letter of Support from Internship Supervisor
  • Letter of Support from University personnel
By Christina Moreschi
Christina Moreschi Director of Career Events and Outreach