Sample email to ask about or request an internship from an internship site/employer

If you want to reach out to an organization/company to see if they would be willing to host an intern, use this example email message to craft your own. Make sure to include why you are interested in interning with this organization and when (summer, spring semester) you would like to complete the internship.

Good morning/afternoon _ (Insert name),

I am a student at PennWest University-(California, Clarion, or Edinboro) studying (include your major/minor/concentration) and I have experience/ interest in _______(include details about why you are interested in this company/organization or what experiences you have had previously such as sports, clubs, or classes).
I am reaching out to discuss the possibility of completing an internship with your organization this ______(provide time period such as ‘spring semester’ or ‘summer’). I would love to talk about the opportunities that might be available at your organization. I am available to connect by phone, email, or Zoom, whichever option is more convenient for you.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to connecting with you.


Your name

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By Christina Moreschi
Christina Moreschi Director of Career Events and Outreach